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A Collection Of Proven Delicious Vegan Recipes Shared By Fans

Proven Delicious Vegan Recipes

Today we have a collection of proven delicious vegan recipes shared by friends of vegan recipes news. All of them are proven to be liked. First, we have here some proven delicious vegan recipes from the award-winning sisters Veronica and Amy from Wrapped in Newspaper. Some spicy , Roll upssome sweet and all healthy to try for you.On page 2 a  Spicy Vegetable Tawa Pulao, Steamed SwisRoll-ups, and Smoothies from Indu’s International Kitchen. Theses swiss chard rolls look amazing. From Gayatri, the desserted girl, living in Mumbai, she shared a Chilli With Cornbread and a Spiced Carrot Cake.Our friend David Rash also has a new proven liked and delicious vegan recipe for us, SPAGHETTI WITH FRAZZLED CAPERS & BREADCRUMBS, which is sure worth trying. His recipes are always loved. At page 4 we have videos by our friend Kostas Demakis of  Vegan Simple you will enjoy. Proven delicious vegan recipes easy to prepare if you follow the videos. Thanks to our friends. Enjoy!

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Proven Delicious Vegan Recipes

Carrot and Swede Soup with Smoky Pumpkin Seed Croutons [vegan]

Proven Delicious Vegan Recipes

I’ve got the February blues and I feel grumpy. I’m in desperate need of Spring, but it’s grey, cold and miserable, and the promise of warmer days seem still too distant for my liking. This carrot and swede soup definitely brings a little sunshine to my bowl, so until Spring finally springs I’ll be staring into this bowl of goodness.

Tofu scramble with cavolo nero [vegan]

by Veronica

Proven Delicious Vegan Recipes

I’ve definitely become a breakfast convert. Don’t get me wrong, I never skipped it, I can’t miss meals….I mean, food, hello!! I just wasn’t ever that adventurous. Back in the day, I used to just eat very sugary cereal or a couple of slices of toast and jam. Pretty standard, pretty dull. Don’t get me wrong, I sometimes do just eat toast and jam, and have a pretty standard weekday breakfast of porridge, dang good porridge, but at the weekend I try to create a delicious more complex breakfast, after all it’s the most important meal of the day, right?

Pistachio and Cacao Bliss Balls

Proven Delicious Vegan Recipes

I’ve been following with interest the backlash on the ‘clean eating’ and wellness industry. I for one am guilty of using the term ‘clean’ in past blog posts and labelling ‘healthier’ cake recipes as ‘guilt-free’. We absolutely shouldn’t be feeling guilty if we’re eating a doughnut or some cake. I mean, who am I to tell you what you should feel guilty about. (I mean, hello, the Co-op have vegan doughnuts that scream my name, I can easily demolish a pack of Oreos, and I’ll happily grab a sandwich from M&S – woohoo, they’ve got a new vegan range). For me, I know that my tummy doesn’t take kindly to me feeding it too much of this type of food and when I gave up sugar completely I felt amazing. For me, it’s not about losing weight, it’s about enjoying my life and I can’t if I feel bloated and crappy. But, I also can’t quite turn down a glass or three of wine, or some oreos because that’s another way I enjoy life, and I’ll not be feeling guilty about it.

Miso noodle soup with fried tofu

Proven Delicious Vegan Recipes

I’m having a miso revelation. I love the stuff and this miso noodle soup is not only super quick to make but also really tasty, and it’s really good for your tummy too.

Miso is from Japan and is made from fermented soybeans, sounds a bit weird, but honestly it’s good. Fermented foods are a great natural probiotic. I’ve been doing a bit more reading into how to look after my gut and keep it happy, making sure I’m getting plenty of probiotics into my system, and eating more fermented foods is where I’m heading.