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10 Cozy Vegan Recipes That Will Make You Feel Good

Cozy Vegan Recipes right for the Season

Feel good with these cozy vegan recipes . Warming meals  like the Spicy Pumpkin and Parsnip Soup, Ash gourd coconut curry on page 2, delicious Apple Pancakes  or rice and quinoa crepes . There is also something for your sweet tooth  a Blackberry and Apple Galette , Lemon Meringue Pie and a recipe from India which is made for the Diwali festival. Usually, the Indian sweet recipes have a lot of sugar ,but this one is converted for vegans. It is a Chocolate Nut Burfi Vegan and Sugar-free . You can eat it , it is really health

5 of theses cozy vegan recipes are a contribution of our award-winning sisters Amy and Veronika from GB . The recipes on page 2 are from Indu’s international Kitchen ,she converts Indian recipes into vegan recipes for us ,like the Chocolate Nut Burfi without sugar.All these cozy vegan recipes are prepared with healthy and nutritious ingredients .  You can eat them without regret. Prepare these cozy vegan recipes for your family and friends . Everybody will feel cozy and good in this cool season of the year.

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10 Cozy Vegan Recipes That Will Make You Feel Good

Pumpkin Risotto [vegan]


I’ve got another delicious pumpkin recipe this week. I still had half a pumpkin leftover from last week and hadn’t quite got round to using it up, but I don’t think you can ever get too much pumpkin at this time of year! Recipe

Spicy Pumpkin and Parsnip Soup [vegan]

Cozy Vegan Recipes right for the Season-Pumpkin-and-parsnip-soup

Yes, now I can make soups for lunches! In the summer I’m all about salads, but now I’m all about staying warm, and soup is what I’m craving on these chillier autumnal days.

I’ve massively got into pumpkins and squashes over the last few years, especially with the different varieties you can now get in the shops and in your veg boxes. The one thing that I can simply not deal with is how difficult they are to cut up! I’ve got a good knife, and still I nearly give myself a hernia dealing with this nemesis veg! If you’ve not got a sharp knife, you seriously need to invest in one, because squash prepping life was definitely MUCH harder with a blunter cutting implement Recipes 

Squash Stew & Dumplings

Cozy Vegan Recipes right for the Season-Squash stew

I’ve got a treat for you this week in the shape of Squash stew and dumplings! This time of year we are surrounded by choice. So many of my favourite fruits and vegetables are in season; apples, pears, kale, cabbages, broccoli and pumpkins. Yes, we are now spoilt for choice with comforting, hearty foods that will warm us up on these cold rainy days. Soups, curries, and stews are my staples of the moment. Recipe

Lemon Meringue Pie [vegan]

Cozy Vegan Recipes right for the Season-Lemon-meringue-pie-vegan

I know this is totally not seasonal and I’m not sure if anyone other than me is looking to make a lemon meringue pie at the moment but what can I say, I got inspired by the Bake Off! I was watching it the other week, and knowing the awesomeness that is Aquafaba (chickpea water), I just had to work out a way of getting the chickpea water into a meringuey gooey pie of dreams. And I did! And it was super easy! It didn’t quite crisp up as you’d expect an egg-based meringue too, but it delivered a sweet marshmallowey texture and with the contrast of the sharp tangy lemon it did the job! Recipe

Blackberry and Apple Galette [vegan]


Apologies for my long time absence. Things have been hectic over here mainly because I’ve been moving house. But, now things are starting to bear a semblance of normality, and I’m getting my butt back into blogging. How’s things with you guys, what have I missed? Recipe

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10 Cozy Vegan Recipes That Will Make You Feel Good