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Do You Know What The V Word Is ?

The V word is ? ? ?

We heard about a F word ,but the V word is new.

For many Meat – Lovers the word Vegan may be

not very pleasant ,because they get reminded on

for what Vegan stands , against animal cruelty .

Maybe guilt comes up ? We do not know but it seems

Some people do not like the V word very much.

But it does not mean what we think .

Read below what a young lady created .


The V Word: Going vegan on a budget

Wallet-friendly hacks, ideas and advice for those looking to go vegan.

You'll find items like these in (almost) any vegan's pantry. - PAIGE BUTTERFIELD

  • You’ll find items like these in (almost) any vegan’s pantry.

“What do you think of when I say, ‘vegan on a budget?’” I asked my omni-boyfriend as I sat down and smoothed my fingertips over the letter keys. I hoped some insight might come to me like a Ouija board.

“It’s hard. Being vegan is expensive,” he said.

I couldn’t believe it. Even my boyfriend, whom I drag grocery shopping with me several times a month, still had the “being vegan is costly” impression.


The easiest, cheapest way to ensure a balanced vegan diet on a tight budget is to buy plant-based foods in bulk. Brown rice, lentils, quinoa and all kinds of beans are a veg-head’s best possee.

Cheap produce is best bought in season at grocery stores or at your local farmer’s market. Pumpkins aren’t the only fall treats around, though. Bell peppers, onions, parsnips, carrots and winter squash are all at their peaks, too. Did someone say soup?

My other favorite veg-on-a-budget hacks include hummus and veggies, marinated baked tofu, fruit (the original “fast food”), trail mix and vegan wraps, quesadillas, and flautas.

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