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Gluten-Free Millet – Ideal For Vegan and Vegetarian


Gluten – free Millet for vegan and vegetarian
Millet is the oldest crop of the world and the golden
seeds make you slim, beautiful and creative.
Millet is the queen of all cereals it contains silicic
acid in its golden seeds and helps our spirit, intellect
and physic.
Millet was the main food source of our ancestors and
gives the power of the sun to the people who eat it.
Millet contains a lot of diet fibers and silicic acid
which is needed to regulate our water balance and
maintain the supply of hormones.

Vegan and vegetarian love millet because it is rich in fiber and helps with complex

carbohydrate to meet the daily protein instead of animal sources.

It fills the stomach and makes satisfied.Cutting back on meet is good

for natural weight loss.

In India it is used to make roti, which is a traditional bread and there

are a lot of nice other recipes with gluten free millet.

In Ethiopia porridge is made and in the Caribbean people cook it with

beans and peas. If cooked with peas and beans, it is good for making vegan

and vegetarian burgers.

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