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How To Make A Gluten-free Vegan Millet Pie (Video)

A gluten-free Vegan Millet Pie  see the video how to prepare.

Try this gluten-free Vegan Millet Pie
Millet is a protein rich grain and is getting more and more
popular again. It was long forgotten and only use for bird food.
Millet is an ancient grain and the a  good protein source .

Millet was a food in China since 8000 BC .Later this little seeds came
to Europe and today, this crop has its renaissance everywhere.
Archaeologist’s found millet even in Europe while digging out old
cities from the 1400th century. Millet disappeared with the coming
of the potato in Europe and was long only used as bird food. Millet is
growing good even in dry condition and this makes it interesting again
today as well. It is drought resistant which makes it attractive it grows
where there is not enough water for other crops like rice for example.

Millet is healthy rich in vitamin and protein and is also called
the happy grain, It makes happy because it is easy to digest
and boost the good feeling. It is also very good for people
with diabetes. Here the Buddhist-Chef prepares for us a beautiful
gluten-free Vegan Millet Pie with lots of vegetables and spices which
makes it taste incredible. It looks also inviting and it will be a welcome
addition to your menu .Friend and family will like it together with
a salad and fresh sprouts it is a healthy and light meal.
Try this gluten-free Vegan Millet Pie recipe and you friend and family will
ask you for more.

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Gluten-free Vegan Millet Pie

My favorite millet pie recipe (vegetarian, vegan). Moist and packed full

of flavor. It taste as good as it looks!

Find the recipe ingredients here : Vegan Millet Pie

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