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How does Miley Cyrus Vegan Birthday Cake for Dad Look Like ?

5 Vegan Birthdays Cakes which better options

It looks freaky and we do not know if it tastes .
But there are some amazing birthday cake recipes which are
sure delicious and decorative .Mindblowing are this beautiful cakes
and whoever makes them for a birthday party will be admired and
loved for making this amazing looking Birthday cakes. Nobody has
a Birthday ? Does not matter try them ,they taste  delicious anyways.
Make your family a treat and enjoy.

See below how Miley Cyrus cake looked like .

So, when Miley decided to bake a cake in celebration of her father Billy Ray Cyrus’ birthday, naturally she opted for a vegan cake! Okay, we’re pretty pumped that this is the news flooding the E! network related to the star’s food choices – but … we have to confess, there’s something a little off about the cake My-Cy made.

Hey, you know how the old baker’s saying goes … the most important part is the applique decorations. Oh, wait … no one says that.

Miley Cyrus Made Her Dad a Freaky Looking Vegan Cake for His Birthday ... Here are 5 Recipes She Should Have Tried Instead

But in all seriousness, the decorations are pretty amazing, but what has us concerned is this photo of Billy Ray scraping all the sprinkles off to reveal a solid, butter-like block of cake underneath.

Cake or clay … the choice is yours!












Don’t worry, Miley … we are here to help.

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