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Enjoy These Special Indian Inspired Recipe Creations

Indian inspired recipe creations you will love

Theses recipes are created by Indu and Gayatri and are Indian inspired recipes. Both of them like to experiment with traditional Indian recipes. These often leads to having Ideas to create new veganized recipes. Here are some of them for you to enjoy and find new ideas for your kitchen. Indu discovered probiotics and found an amazing and healthy Indian recipe. This sure is a good drink, especially for the warm summer. Lassi is well-known as a healthy drink and here it comes made of coconut milk and yogurt. You and your family will love these drinks in summer.

Paratha is a well-known Indian food as well. It is a pleasure to watch when it is skillfully prepared. The most famous is the Aloo-Paratha and here Indu has an interesting variation. She created Methi Aloo Paratha with a south Indian flavor. You can find it on page two and also Gayatri’s homemade fluffy Pita. Some other recipes with Potatoes, Dumplings, and Minestrone all Indian inspired recipe creations which you can try and enjoy.

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Enjoy These Special Indian Inspired Recipe Creations

A homemade probiotic drink: Beet Kanji

Mango Coconut Lassi (Vegan, Paleo)

Enjoy These Special Indian Inspired Recipe CreationsLassi is a traditional North Indian yoghurt drink which is highly refreshing on hot, summery days.  Most common is the plain sweet lassi with only added sugar and no flavor.  The thick sweetened cream on top used to be the best part for me. Yum! Mango lassi is a popular, modern variation of this traditional lassi where fresh or frozen mango pulp is added to give a most delectable combination of yoghurt and sweet ripe mangoes. In the US, Mango lassi can be found in the menus of most Indian restaurants. Recipe

Vegetable Minestrone Soup (Vegan, Paleo)

Enjoy These Special Indian Inspired Recipe Creations

I make this ‘fridge clean up’ soup quite a lot. And usually, it is on Sunday nights.  Best part about soups is that you can create variations by just changing the combination of vegetables and the spices used. Before I went paleo, I used to make Minestrone soup all the time where I would add vegetables to the beans and use tomatoes to make the typical Italian favorite. So now I decided to make some changes. Recipe

Sweet Potato dumplings with sweetened coconut filling (Sweet Potato Kozhukkatta)

Enjoy These Special Indian Inspired Recipe Creations

It’s amazing how creative you can get when you are forced to be on a restrictive diet. As a kid, ‘Kozhukkatta’ used to be the occasional sweet treat my mom would make for us. Usually, she would make it as an evening snack to be had with tea. I loved these dumplings made with rice flour and filled with a sweetened coconut filling.  These are incredibly delicious and are quite filling at the same time. So these would be a perfect snack for us kids coming back famished from school. I would gobble up like 5 or 6 in one sitting. My mom would also almost always make extra coconut filling and save that for me since I loved to just eat that by itself 🙂 Recipe

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