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Fantastic Original Indian Jackfruit Recipes

 Original Indian Vegan recipes


Here are some original Indian Jackfruit recipes which are fantastic.

Especially on page 2 we have a Vegan Jackfruit Pakoda/Fritter Recipe

with beautiful pictures which show how jackfruit original is prepared.

A video shows how to make a Young  Jackfruit Kathal Curry . This will

make it easier for you to try the recipes. Jackfruit is an amazing tree fruit

which grows originally in tropic areas and is native to India. Recently the

Jackfruit was discovered here in the western world especially because it

is replacing meat beautifully for vegans . We usually do not have to cut

the big fruits apart ,we are able to buy them canned or nicely and clean

packaged, ready to use.

The Jackfruit tree is huge and the fruits can be  up to 30kg or even more.

We should use the Jackfruit more because it has amazing benefits.

Read about here> 16 Amazing Health Benefits Of Jackfruit (Kathal)

Jackfruit has vitamin C and antioxidants which help to boost our

immune system and more as you can read in the article above.

The original Indian Jackfruit Recipes are very healthy and for us,

because we do not have to fight with a very big fruit , it is easy to

cook . Try these original Indian Jackfruit Recipes and see the fantastic

pictures in one of the recipes.

Enjoy !

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Fantastic Original Indian Jackfruit Recipes


Raw Jackfruit Curry

 Fantastic Original Indian Jackfruit Recipes


Kathal ki sabzi (raw jackfruit curry) is an Indian vegetarian delicacy cooked especially around the month of Holi when jackfruit is in season in north India.

Newbie cooks, be warned – you are up for a challenge if want to make kathal ki sabzi. The prickly, tough-skinned jackfruit requires skill to peel and cut, and then takes ages of cooking time. Part of the hurdle is handled these days – supermarkets stock packs of peeled and chopped jackfruit, ready to cook. Go right ahead and pick up one of these packs if you can. If not, I’ll point you to the always-awesome Rak’s Kitchen for illustrated steps to peel a jackfruit. This recipe  is meant for days when you have the leisure to hang out in the kitchen for at least an hour, and the mood to put it a little extra into your cooking. The end result, though, is worth every minute of the time and effort.  Recipe here


Fanasachi Bhaji / Phanasachi Bhaji – Maharashtrian Jackfruit Brown Chickpea Coconut Stir fry with coconut, sesame, Indian spices. Vegan Gluten-free Soy-free Side Recipe

 Fantastic Original Indian Jackfruit Recipes

Raw and Ripe Jackfruit have been used in Indian cuisine for ages. It is used as a vegetable in some dishes, and as a meat sub in some other dishes. Jackfruit is called Kathal in hindi, Fanas or Phanas in Marathi, chakka in Malayalam, and many other names in other regional Indian languages. Raw jackfruit is available in whole form or canned form in Asian stores and Indian stores in the US. The big fruit is cumbersome to peel and handle, so I often get canned young green jackfruit packed in brine or water. Ripe Jackfruit and seeds are often used in Indian desserts as they are sweet. Make sure to use young green Jackfruit for savory recipes  Recipe here 

 Fantastic Original Indian Jackfruit Recipes - Kathal Ka Achaar
Raw jackfruit when mixed with raw mango and made in pickle form gives a mouth watering taste. Both the things come in the same season and the combination is unique. Recipe here 

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