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5 Must Try Delicious International Vegan Treats Recipes

International vegan treats recipes for you today.

International vegan treats recipes a Hummingbird Cake fro our

friends in Australia, a Raw Strawberry Cheesecake from Germany,

a Creamy Fruit Salad and strawberry roll ups by Indu’s International

Kitchen and the no-bake  Mango Cheesecake from India.

What a joy to have such a variety of international vegan treats recipes.

The Hummingbird cake recipe sounds delicious made with Pineapple,

Coconut,Walnuts and more a must try and a real treat for the weekend

coffee table. The Raw Strawberry Cheesecake is a recipe by a fan from

Germany. Now is the right time for this and you can have fresh locally

grown strawberries to prepare this cake . Strawberries have many

benefits especially when  eaten fresh-picked from a local farm and raw.

Read about the benefits  here Health Benefits of Strawberries

The third of the  international vegan treats recipes is a creamy fruit salad.

Made with dried and fresh fruits of your choice something to have as a

dessert during the week a real treat .And a Strawberry Almond butter

roll up. From India comes the raw Mango Cheesecake another delight.

Read about the Mangos here>3 Health & Beauty Benefits of Mango

Try this international vegan treats recipes and enjoy the diversity .

Thanks to our Friends.

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Vegan Hummingbird Cake

5 Must Try International Vegan Treats Recipes

This is by far my absolute favourite cake. I think it’s the pineapple. I love pineapple in cake. (I also love it in burgers, fried rice and on pizzas – I mean, how could you not like pineapple on pizza!?) I’m so glad I came up with this scrumptious Vegan Hummingbird Cake recipe.

Merry Raw Strawberry Pie

I’m sitting on our terrace, writing this article and enjoying the warm sunshine.
While I’m engrossed in my work, a bird has considered leaving his “luck” on my keyboard.

I call this pure nature.

I guess a lot of people would have been upset about it, but as a positive-thinking person, I’m looking forward to my luck :).


Actually, I wanted to write something about our recipe today.

So, let’s go.

A summer without strawberries is like a strawberry pie without strawberries.

Therefore, we want to start the strawberry season with a fresh and fruity raw pie.

5 Must Try International Vegan Treats Recipes

Anyone who follows us could already find out that we admire raw cakes.
I think it’s a breakthrough invention and send my kudos to the pioneers of the sweet raw gourmet food.

With the right tools, raw food cakes are very easy to prepare.

Creamy Fruit Salad(Vegan)

5 Must Try International Vegan Treats RecipesBeing completely dairy free and sugar free, I do miss some of my favorite desserts from before. Creamy fruit salad was one of my faves. Hence I had to come up with a vegan version.! And actually it wasn’t too hard. I have been making this vegan ‘milk’ shake with dates and nuts which is so creamy and yummy. This past week I decided to add dried figs to it too which gave it extra sweetness and flavor. And made it extra healthy too! It was so creamy and delicious that I decided to chill half of it and then later created this yummy fruit salad adding chopped apples, grapes and papaya. Fruit salad yummy yummy:)

5 Must Try International Vegan Treats Recipes

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Almond Butter Strawberry Sandwich Roll Ups

 5 Must Try International Vegan Treats Recipes

I am finally on a much needed sabbatical from work. Especially with the last two years being as crazy as they have been with my high paced work schedule and with my RA setting in last year. So I am taking a 3 month break from work to do the 3 Rs -rest, relax and rejuvenate:) And also so I can focus 100% on following my naturopathic plan and heal my body. Read more here >Almond Butter Strawberry Sandwich Roll Ups
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I think cheesecakes are amazing, I really do. It’s just that I can rarely eat a whole slice without wanting to take a nap in between. Plus, all the guilt.

So when I tried a raw, vegan, frozen cake at Cafe Zest, I decided a dessert of this sort had to be made at home. A sort of lightened up cheesecake. Fruity, refreshing, and so, so healthy. Minus all the sleep-inducing goodness of milk, cream cheese, eggs and sugar, and still phenomenal enough to take seconds, maybe thirds of.

5 Must Try International Vegan Treats Recipes

Of course, mangoes had to be involved somehow. Recipe here


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