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You Will Love To Try These Middle Eastern Vegan Recipes

Middle Eastern Vegan Recipes you will love

Middle Eastern Vegan Recipes or the cuisine of the Orient. It is  known for  intense fragrances, gorgeous colors, exotic spices,  dates, hummus, and more..

Historically oriental cuisine is based on the so-called fertile crescent. It influences the ancient cooking traditions of Mesopotamia, the  Mediterranean region , Armenia, the Indian subcontinent,  parts of Central Asia. Also through the Silk Road . Similarly, some dishes of the Turkic peoples were incorporated into Chinese cuisine. Many of the Middle Eastern Recipes are already vegan or can be easily veganized .

The chick-pea paste Hummus is particularly popular. Specialties of the oriental cuisine are the small starters called Mezze. Also the spicy paste Harissa, and the aromatic spice mixture Ras-el-Hanout. Let yourself be enchanted by these Middle Eastern Vegan Recipes. Immerse yourself in the world of the Orient and bring oriental flair into your kitchen. Anyone who cooks with oriental spices just needs to close his eyes and feels as if he is in the middle of a bazaar. Maybe you want to be with a mint tea  in one of the tearooms ? We offer you the best oriental recipes to bring this feeling into your own home.  A bit like holidays ? Enjoy the aromatic Middle Eastern Vegan Recipes!

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You Will Love To Try These Middle Eastern Vegan Recipes

Eggplant Kebab With Tahini Sauce

You Will Love To Try These Middle Eastern Vegan Recipes

Kebab is one of the most common street foods in the Middle East. It’s made by grilling vegetables of all kinds and serving them in a pita or larger flatbread. This Eggplant Kebab is seasoned with za’atar and served with crunchy salad, creamy tahini, and a drizzle of tahini on top. What’s great about this recipe is that it’s completely oil-free, without salt, and plant-based. It’s filled with great spices, crunchy salad, creamy hummus and, of course, tahini drizzled on top. You can bake the eggplant in the oven, or put it on the grill – just until it’s mushy inside and crispy on the outside.

Persian Style Potato Pancakes

You Will Love To Try These Middle Eastern Vegan Recipes

In Arabic and Persian cuisines, there is a type of thick baked omelet or frittata that can utilize almost any vegetable (but always contains some green herbs). Sometimes, the mixture is made into small “pancakes” or “patties” and is shallow-fried in oil or clarified butter instead of baked. These Persian Style Potato Pancakes capture the flavor and texture of those without the eggs and only a little bit of oil by using a mixture of mashed Russet potatos, tofu, and chickpea flour. Serve them as a simple meal with rice or as part of a mezze if you’re serving a group.

9. Iranian Eggplant and Chickpeas Stew

You Will Love To Try These Middle Eastern Vegan Recipes

This Iranian Eggplant and Chickpeas Stew is the perfect festive dinner. The texture of the eggplant and chickpeas go so well together, and the sweetness of the dates and apricots blend perfectly with the cumin, cinnamon, nutmeg, and turmeric. It is absolutely AMAZING

 Dolmades Stuffed With Pine Nuts and Currants 

You Will Love To Try These Middle Eastern Vegan Recipes

Dolmades are grape leaves stuffed with a savory rice mixture, and a staple of Greek and Middle Eastern cooking. If you like stuffed cabbage, you’ll love Dolmades Stuffed With Pine Nuts and Currants. Rice is sautéed with fresh herbs, crunchy pine nuts, and chewy, sweet dried fruit to create a medley of flavor and texture. Once the grape leaves are stuffed with this amazing mixture, the dolmades are simmered in a mixture of broth and tomato paste to make them even more flavorful.

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