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Spooky But Healthy and Sweet Vegan Recipes For Halloween

Vegan Recipes for Halloween to make Trick or Treat healthy

With these Vegan recipes for Halloween, we can avoid to give out the usual junk sweets. Here are recipes which are sweet and healthy and scary looking enough for Halloween. Nobody will miss the usual treats which are mostly junk and harmful. Vegans can satisfy their sweet tooth with plant-based goodies. There is a nice collection of beautiful scary looking treats artfully prepared. Spiders, Ghosts, and Witch Fingers. Look at this Graveyard Mousse Pots and the Skull’s on page 2 , are they not spooky? Easy to prepare and convenient is this Spooky Halloween Mix good not only on Halloween. All recipes are full of nutrition , vitamins, and fibers and plant-based. Have a scary, spooky time with these vegan recipes for Halloween. See also the video and have fun with the preparation!

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 Vegan Recipes For Halloween

Mouthwatering vegan desserts are not just for vegans, though. You might be surprised at how versatile (and tasty) these treats can be. They are all about raw, fresh ingredients with a focus on natural sources of sugar. To top it off, vegan desserts typically have more vitamins, protein, and fiber than their store-bought counterparts.

Gut-sy Spider Cupcakes

vegan recipes for Halloween

The Lazy Vegan Baker used avocado vanilla pudding and candy to create these gush-worthy cupcakes. These treats will be a hit with both kids and adults alike.

Witch Finger Cookies

 vegan recipes for Halloween
Between the strawberry jelly “blood” and the almond “nails,” these healthy witch finger cookies by Food Faith Fitness are brilliant. Just be sure to trade the honey for agave to make it vegan.

Bloody Cups

vegan recipes for Halloween

Chocolate cups aren’t just for peanut butter, apparently. In this recipe, Elephantastic Vegan demonstrates how to use raspberries to create this bloody delicious dessert.

Spooky Halloween Mix

vegan recipes for Halloween
For a last minute vegan treat, check out Beard and Bonnet‘s clever popcorn idea. It’s so easy to make that it’s scary.

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