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Enjoy The Amazing Flavour Of Special Global Vegan Recipes

The flavour of Global Vegan Recipes to try in 2017

Vegan Food is gaining popularity as well as acceptance worldwide. This might be the reason behind the global craze for vegan recipes and global consumption of vegan food. When the world is making move towards something healthy yet tasty, why should you lag behind and eat detrimental –which can sooner or later –make you sick?

Vigour with Flavour

There is something captivating about the vegan edibles which attract millions towards them. You would be surprised to see the results when you replace your regular dairy / non-veg food with healthy vegetables and health-endorsing ingredients –the upshot will be majestic –will transform you for the better and the fitter.

Vegan recipes are not only healthy, but scrumptious too, and you can make it even more mouth watering by adding delectable toppings, a yummy variety of vegetables, and layers of lip-smacking ingredients to it. Vegan recipes are an easy as well as a healthy way to fight hunger and bless you with something soul satisfying!


Be Fit This Year –Go Vegan!

When everyone has pulled their socks up for achieving their fitness regime this year; take an oath to transform yourself into your healthier, fitter and yummier version by the end of this year. Here are the special global Vegan recipes which are flavoursome as well as fitness-promoting:

Written by>Shreyasi Shrivastav

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Enjoy The Amazing Flavour Of Special Global Vegan Recipes

Red Bean Patty Wraps With North African Chermoula Sauce

These savory Red Bean Patty Wraps With North African Chermoula Sauce combine the flavors of a traditional North African spice mixture with a gluten-free red bean patty. It combines the flavors of a traditional North African spice mixture with a vegan and gluten-free cakes. Herbs are the main ingredient of chermoula, a marinade used prominently in Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, and Algeria. Parsley, cilantro, oil, lemon juice, pickled lemon, and other seasonings bring a fresh flavor, making chermoula the perfect marinade for warmer weather.

Chachouka Chow Chow: North African Tomato and Pepper Stew

Warming spices, tender, juicy peppers, this North African Tomato and Pepper Stew brings the colors and flavors of North Africa to your plate. This richly spiced Algerian stew consists of peppers, tomatoes, and shredded flat bread that are cooked in warming spices. Your house will smell of cumin for hours after you’ve had the last bite of your chachouka.

Plantain Dumpling Soup

While this Plantain Dumpling Soup isn’t traditional, it incorporates flavors and ingredients found in a majority of African cuisine, like plantains, scotch bonnet, bell peppers, and tomato. The flavors are perfectly balanced — a bit of heat from fiery green chiles, sweetness from the plantains, a delicate aroma from fresh lemongrass… Need we go on?

Bunny Chow: South African Curry in a Bread Bowl

Bunny chow is a South African street food that traditionally consists of a meat-based curry served in bread. This completely plant-based version of Bunny Chow is made with hearty spiced chickpeas and potatoes instead. As for the name, it has nothing to do bunnies or rabbits. It originated in Durban, South Africa and is said to have been made by the Indian banias who migrated there. This is the perfect, comforting meal on a budget to keep you warm during the colder months.