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Starbucks Will Offer Coconut Milk

Some coffee lovers are vegan and Starbucks listened star

The customers of Starbucks requested a dairy free Coffee experience.
Many coffee drinkers do not like milk from animals anymore.
The bad news and pictures of animal cruelty make people worry,
thinking of the heath issues many talk about .The same with soy milk,
which is most from GMO and Round up treated fields.
This is a good sign that more people get aware of this and demand
a change. The power is in the hand of the consumer.

But why no almond milk, you ask? After extensive research, the coffee chain decided against offering it because of the prevalence of tree nut allergies in the population.

The company has already been testing coconut milk in Portland, Cleveland, and Los Angeles, and it seems customers are pretty pleased with the results.

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Photo courtesy of Starbucks