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Cool and Light Vegan Recipes To Enjoy In Summer

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 Vegan recipes to enjoy in Summer cool easy and quick

Vegan recipes to enjoy in summer ,need to be cool ,light and easy.Summer time needs something light and cool ,quick to prepare and delicious . Here are some recipes which can turn on your desireto try something new.Ice cream ,crackers, Tarte Flambe’,cocktails and even a vegan alternative to Bounty ? Does this turn you on ?
What about Ginger Beer ? Recipes good for a big summer garden party. Fall is coming soon ,time to enjoy the rest of the summer with good food together with friends and family .With this tasty vegan recipes to enjoyin summer, these cool food will make you  shine.
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Vegan Recipes To Enjoy In Summer

With the summer here  my body literally screams for lighter and healthier meals. I try to keep to snacking throughout the day and eat regular meals in the evening. You’ll find everything from snacks and sides to main meals, desserts and drinks.

Snacks and Sides

Homemade Hummus with parsley

On most summer days I prefer to snack all day long instead of eating large meals, so this Homemade Hummus with Parsley is the perfect snack; carrot sticks anyone?

Cool and Light Vegan Recipes To Enjoy In Summer

.. or would you care for a few Spinach & Sesame Crackers to go with that Hummus?


This Purple Carrot Salad is the perfect side dish, great to bring to BBQs or simply delicious as a salad. It’s marinated in an Almond dressing and topped with Cashew Parmesan.

 For Main Meals go next

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