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Discover The Vegetable Chips Secret

Crunchy vegetable chips from our award winners

The 2 girls made something to munch this colorful vegetable chips. Who does not like to eat something tasty and healthy during the day? Or in the evening while sitting and reading or looking TV?

Most people eat unhealthy chips, which make them fat. This vegetable chips are not only healthy, crunchy and tasty, they do not make fat. What can be better than eating without regret?

Read the recipe below for this colorful vegetable chips and get them ready for the family .

Vegetable Crisp


This past week I’ve been grumpy. Pretty darn grumpy. I’ve been sugar detoxing. I cut it out. All of it out. I’m talking refined sugar AND natural sugar. It’s been tough, but I have made it through the other side.

I don’t know if you’re new around these parts, or if you remember me writing this post about when I was told I had Candida and then gave up sugar for months. Well, I’ve been suffering pretty badly with my tummy troubles again and after we spoke at the Vegan Futures festival a couple of weekends ago people were really interested in the sugar-free aspect of what we had to say. I knew it was time to take a step back, look at how sugar had crept back into my diet again and take control of what I was feeding my body.

The diet I’m currently following is pretty strict, I’m talking no caffeine, no wheat, no potatoes, no fruit and no alcohol. Although, I did let three margaritas pass my lips the other Friday (but we’ll just pretend that didn’t happen)! Planning interesting meals and snacks can be tricky especially when there is just no time! I’ve come to realise when I reach for a snack (which is often) I’ve got into a habit of heading straight for something sweet, whether that’s a banana, jam on toast, or a couple of biscuits.

I’ve been snacking A LOT on almonds and seeds but after a while they become pretty boring. So, I thought I’d make my own crisps because I LOVE crisps.


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