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3 Awesome Vegan Recipes For Fall You Will Enjoy

3  Awesome Vegan Recipes For Fall From Our Award-Winning Sisters

Here some really awesome vegan recipes for Fall from the award-winners.

Beautiful delicious creations for fall ,the right time of the year to buy the ingredients fresh and local .

Now is the time for Apples ,Pumpkins and Pears. Really good Ideas for taking advantage of this opportunity and make it into something healthy, tasty, delicious, convenient and quick.

Check out those awesome vegan recipes for fall below and get busy with preparing them for you and your family and friends .

They will appreciate it.

Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

by Veronica
One minute it was July, and then I blinked and woke up in November…..what the actual f? I am starting to believe time is speeding up, is it just me? And now the dark, cold evenings are here all I want is a little cinnamonny sweet treat, and sometimes you’ve just got to have what you want.


Since we’ve agreed time is obviously speeding up, we don’t want to miss the tasty pumpkins or squashes that are in abundance at the moment, they’re not just to enjoy at Halloween after all! I’ve often seen sweet recipes using pumpkins and not really understood how or why that would work. That was, until I made these pumpkin cinnamon rolls. It is perfect to puree and makes the perfect addition to these delicious doughy rolls. I’ve made them so they’re not so sugar laden, but they’re definitely a treat and they are totally best when you eat them still warm.

Here the whole recipe Pumpkin cinnamon rolls

 On The Go Apple Recipes

by Amy

Last Saturday we had an amazing day at the first ever Vegan Futures event. The one day lifestyle festival was packed full of inspiring talks and workshops. We were kindly asked by one of the organisers, Damien, to share our vegan journey and share some recipes in a food workshop.


It was amazing getting the chance to share our story, why we went vegan and what has changed for us since that decision. We also spoke about the reactions we had from those around us and how that led us to set up the blog as a way to share our story and recipes with friends and family.

But the best part was getting to meet and talk to people about their experiences. Lots of people identified with our struggles with digestive issues and acne, and wanted to know more about going sugar, gluten and alcohol free.


So we made a little pledge straight away to share more sugar and gluten-free recipes here on the blog to help you (and us) keep focused on whole and healthy, vegan food that makes us feel good from the inside out!

On the day we shared two really quick autumnal, apple recipes perfect for busy people wanting integrate healthy vegan food into their diet. Whilst they both contain natural sugars from fruit, they are certainly a step in the right direction away from pre-made, shop bought, sugar-laden alternatives.

Find the recipes here

On The Go Apple Recipes


Spiced Apple Porridge with Grilled Pears

by Amy


I don’t know about you but as soon as it’s cold enough to need to wear a coat outside I can’t be doing with a cold breakfast in the morning! I need something to warm me up before I’m even going to think about stepping out the front door.


This porridge is the perfect, warming autumn breakfast. It brings together the bounty of autumn fruit with delicious spices for an awesome breakfast treat! I would definitely say it’s a weekend breakfast… my weekday porridge consists of throw oats and milk in a pan with some frozen berries and leave it to cook whilst I dry my hair. But maybe it’s just me who’s always rushing in the morning…

See the rest of the recipe here >Spiced Apple Porridge with Grilled Pears

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