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The Best Yummy Vegan Picnic Party Recipes Ever

Best Vegan Picnic Party Recipes

Try these vegan picnic party recipes for your garden party this weekend . They are not only loved by your vegan friend and family ,everybody will enjoy them.

There is a big variety of delicious and tasty food all organic, natural and nutritious. Most of the ingredients you can buy locally and fresh and fresh at your farmers market.  Support the farmers in your area.

You will find tasty Zucchini recipes at page 3 and a special Asparagus and Cucumber Salad with Spice Orange Gremolata.

Page 2 has a  rhubarb and strawberry quinoa crumble a Sloppy Joe, stuffed jalapenos and a potato salad with a  Mexican twist.

Choose and try the vegan picnic party recipes you like best.

Have a great Vegan Picnic Party!

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The Best Vegan Picnic Party Recipes Ever

If you want to be a good host to others with restrictions, make sure your food menu is picked out with everyone in mind. Think about including gluten-free options, vegetarian plates for your party. Whether you’re vegan or not, all of your guests deserve delicious appetizers, main courses, and desserts, and you’re not the kind of host that disappoints.

 Vegan Spring Rolls

The Best Vegan Picnic Party Recipes Ever

When it comes to big parties, finger food is key. Naturally Ella‘s recipe is a light, fresh, vegan-friendly snack perfect for munching on with one hand.

Flower Power Cake

The Best Vegan Picnic Party Recipes Ever<
Embrace the summer and celebrate your graduation with a combination of cake and flowers. Not only is Green Kitchen Stories‘ flower power cake beautiful and delicious, but it is completely vegan. The real question is, is it too pretty to eat?

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 Pineapple Mango Kale Salad

Sick of boring garden salads? Try this unique and delicious pineapple mango kale salad from Whitney Bond. Loaded with healthy, fresh ingredients, this is a sweet and juicy dish everyone will drool over.

Beet Hummus With Crispy Beet Greens

The Best Vegan Picnic Party Recipes Ever

Add a little color to your food table with A Cozy Kitchen‘s bright beet hummus, complete with crispy beet greens on top. Smooth and tasty, this is the kind of spread that makes people want to double dip.

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