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Colorful Vegan Quinoa Salad With A Surprise & Gluten-Free

 Colorful Vegan Quinoa Salad, awesome combination!

A colorful vegan Quinoa salad with brussel sprouts, most of us remember
the time we should eat this and did not like it .
But this one is different ,this is so tasty that it will change your mind.
Look at the colors, does it not look attractive ?

As soon as nature shines  in colorful splendor, we also enjoy the colors on our plates. Crisp fruit and vegetables seduce us with shining tones. We eat with the eyes as well finally! Diversity is the magic word, because whoever eats as colorful as possible feeds in varied ways.

Colorful as the rainbow and equipped with a lot of vitality, this salad brings a welcome change on the table. This deliciously colorful salad is full of vitamins. The combination makes it so awesome.
This colorful and healthy dishes are like a new art a new way of eating and preparing food.
Start the new food trend.

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Colorful Vegan Quinoa Salad With A Surprise & Gluten-Free

Do you ever wonder what food trends will look like a generation from now?
I never would have even guessed that I would love eating them raw in a salad!
Times change.  And at least with this recipe, I’m so glad they have.

Colorful vegan quinoa salad


Have you tried shredded or “shaved” brussels sprouts in a salad yet?  I started buying them at Trader Joe’s a few years back and was instantly hooked when I found out that you could actually eat them without sauteing or roasting them.  They are so good!!  And they basically function just like cabbage in a slaw once they’re shredded.

Colorful vegan quinoa salad

And then since oranges and cranberries are a match made in heaven in my mind (and also in this recipe and this recipe), I tossed the salad with a very light orange vinaigrette.

Colorful vegan quinoa salad

Then I tossed it all together…
Easy peasy.  And SO good.

Long live the brussels sprouts trend!


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