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The Next Best Thing To Do Get Ready For A Vegan Holiday Season

 Get ready for a Vegan Holiday Season

Recipes for a Vegan Holiday Season for are here. Getting ready to compose exceptionally tasty meals for all the occasions during the holiday season the time is now. Here are some Ideas and you may like to prepare. Try some of them to see which one is a favorite. Include in your Menue for an unforgettable Vegan Holiday Season.

These recipes are so delicious and tasty that even non-vegan will love them and ask you for the recipe. Many of the vegan recipes here you can see how to prepare in a video. This makes it easier even for people who are not skilled in cooking.

Do you suck in cooking? No problem! Watch how to do the preparation shown by experienced foodie chefs. All these vegan recipes are approved to be delicious and liked. All ingredients are healthy nutritious and plant-based. You can get started to put the best choices together.

Create awesomely finger licking  meals for a  spectacular Vegan Holiday Season

The Next Best Thing To Do Get Ready For A Vegan Holiday Season

Kale Scones

Your kale obsession knows no limit.

Get Ready For A Vegan Holiday Season

Ready to take your kale obsession to the next level? Here’s the recipe for using the leafy green in savory scones.

 Vegan Brussel Sprouts

You can’t go wrong with a vegetable side-dish.

Spicy Brussels Sprouts Indian style

Serve as a side or mix with boiled Pasta or Dried Beans such as Kidney Beans.

Shaved Brussels Sprouts and Grilled Pear Pizza

This Shaved Brussels Sprouts and Grilled Pear Pizza is like the fall version of a salad pizza. Brussels sprouts, caramelized onions, Shiitake bacon, and vegan Parmesan on top of a crispy crust each play a supporting role of bringing together all dimensions of flavor and texture that make this pizza so perfect. The Shiitake bacon offers a savory taste, the onions a sweet and sour taste, the grilled pear a mild sweetness, and the shaved Brussels sprouts bring the entire pizza together.

Get Ready For A Vegan Holiday Season

Roasted Brussels Sprouts With Apples and Chestnuts

It’s that time of year! The time to roast chestnuts, Brussels sprouts, and apples. If you aren’t sure if you like Brussels sprouts, give this recipe for Roasted Brussels Sprouts With Apples and Chestnuts a try. Despite their reputation, they actually have a pretty mild flavor when roasted and paired with sweet fruit and crunchy nuts, they are absolutely perfect. Make sure you make this dish on a cookie sheet for maximizing your crispiness efforts.

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STUFFED TOFU TURKEY – gluten free, low-fat vegan Christmas recipe


~stuffing~, 3 stalks celery, 1 large/3 small red onions, 3 cups mushrooms, 2 cups oats, 1/2 cup sun dried tomatoes soaked in water, drained, 1-1/2tbsp vegetable stock powder, 1tbsp garlic powder/3 cloves garlic
2-3tbsp dried sage

2packets/560g firm tofu, 2-3tbsp corn flour/arrowroot starch/other flour (the amount of flour depends on the firmness of your tofu. more firm = less flour), 2tbsp vegetable stock powder, 1tbsp dried thyme
1tsp garlic powder
2tsp mustard, 2tbsp vinegar, 2tbsp soy sauce, 1tbsp maple/agave/rice syrup

Vegan Biscuits

What would Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving be without warm, delicious biscuits? This item will fill people up and soak up any leftover juices from people’s plates.

Vegan Cornbread

I made this vegan cornbread eight times before I was satisfied. I was too busy trying to capture the texture, flavor and moisture of how cornbread used to be before I became a vegan. Mission accomplished.
Another transitional piece of the holiday food puzzle. While not always the centerpiece, cornbread is often missed when not presented at the table.more videos here Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving


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