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Try A Iranian Persian Mirza Ghasemi Eggplant Recipe (video)

Iranian Persian Mirza Ghasemi Eggplant Recipe

With this Iranian Persian  Mirza Ghasemi Eggplant Recipe, we get more international here. And it is also vegan. There is a big variety of Iranian which are plant-based  and vegan. Many  of them are very healthy and tasty with spices, which make it delicious.

This recipe comes from the north of Iran, from the Caspian sea.This Recipe is made vegan. Usually, the original Iranian Persian Eggplant Recipe Mirza Ghasemi, often includes eggs .But the vegan version tastes as good as the original or even better.

Usually, People eat it with Flatbread, but you can combine it with rice as well. The roasted Eggplant makes the taste right. Roasting on a grill causes that the skin gets a little bit burned. This gives the dish later a smokey taste.This is a favourite of all Iranian. They use to eat it with pita but also just serve it on the side of a dinner. You can eat it as a snack as well or a dip.

This Iranian Persian Eggplant Recipe Mirza Ghasemi  keeps a day or two in the fridge. But usually it does not lasts that long. You will see all will be gone because everybody will like it. Because it has an irresistible delicious taste.

Try it and enjoy!

Iranian Persian Eggplant Recipe Mirza Ghasemi (Vegan)

You can find the recipe hereMIRZA GHASEMI (EGGPLANT)