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Jennifer Lopez : Vegan Diet Makes Her Look Young

Jennifer Lopez and her 22-day vegan cleanse

There are thousands of products on the shelves of the stores, which promise to make look young and give you a dream body. They may work, but only for a short time, Jennifer Lopez credits the plant-based diet for making her look young and for her weight loss. She did a 22-day diet and continued to incorporate only a little bit of fish here and there.
She also has a  workout which is scheduled in her
daily life.

Fifteen studies show that the plant-based diet tops the charts for weight loss success!

Recent research recommends the plant-based diet as your go-to diet for sustainable weight loss.  Researchers found that people who ate vegetarian or vegan diets lost seven pounds more, regardless of calorie counting or exercise plans. Researcher, Susan Levin, encourages those that are seeking weight loss to instead consider sustainable lifestyle changes. (1)

The researchers reviewed 15 studies on plant-based diets: some studies included eggs and dairy, others were strict vegan, and one was raw vegan.   Half of the studies were aimed at weight loss, and other studies were following how diet impacted health concerns, such as, diabetes, chronic pain or arthritis.(1)

The study concluded no major weight loss difference between the vegetarian diets, where eggs and dairy were consumed, and the vegan diets.  In general, however, the study did show that consuming a plant-based diet was best for weight loss.(1)

Jennifer Lopez shares that her 22 day vegan cleanse has become her new lifestyle

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