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16 Mouthwatering Vegan Creation Shared By Our Friends

 Mouthwatering Vegan creations, sweet and savory

Look at these vegan recipes are these not mouthwatering creations our friends did share with us? Who does not get inspired to try them?  Our friend David Rush shared something sweet with us and his Margarita may be welcome not only on Margarita Day. No wonder he “ate the whole thing .”

The Mumbai-based “Desserted Girl” Gayatri has two temptations for us. The Peanutbutter Cups are so quick and so easy to prepare and a healthy guilt-free treat. Veronica from GB one of the award-winning sisters has a lemon blueberry drizzle cake and a recipe for Pancake-lovers. The banana and chocolate bread and a Vegan Lentil Lasagne which can be a favorite dish for the family.

Indu from “Indu’s International Kitchen” says: “My kitchen is my sanctuary – When I am cooking, all my aches and pains go away and I am energized! I am obsessed with cooking healthy meals for my family.” She is not only creative in cooking, but she also has been creative in finding names for her recipes which she converted from Indian traditional food to vegan.

See her mouthwatering vegan creations. India has a wealth in tasty and healthy food and can often easily made vegan. Every region in India has his specialties and we are grateful for Indu’s recipes made vegan on page 4

Do not forget to buy the ingredients organic and as fresh as possible. Many say there is no farmers market nearby, but it is up to the consumer. We live in an abundant universe and where there is a demand the product will appear. Junk will disappear if nobody buys it.

To your health, enjoy the mouthwatering vegan recipes shared by our friends.


16 Mouthwatering Vegan Creation Shared By Our Friends


16 Mouthwatering Vegan Creation Shared By Our Friends-chocolate pear sorbet 4

There is nothing quite like a pear. They have less acidity and tartness than apples, though not quite the heady bouquet of quince (although, pears are at least edible raw), but still a floral enough perfume that their kinship to roses comes as no surprise. They take incredibly well to spices like vanilla, be it poached or roasted with sugar and butter, or cinnamon similarly. Ground ginger and cardamom do a fine job with this fruit, too—my Ginger & Cardamom Asian Pear Hand Pies prove it. Alas, of all the pairings (get it?), my favorite is a richer, darker, more sinister one—something with some guts to it. I’m talking about chocolate.



February 22nd is National Margarita Day! What better opportunity is there for an excuse to make some margaritas? You know, if you’re the sort of person that needs an excuse for margaritas that is.

Last year my contribution to the celebration was my Coconut Margarita, a slightly tropical nod to one of the most beloved and enjoyed cocktails. I went back to the tropics with this one too, but this time with pineapple.


by The Desserted Girl.

This is the dessert you’re allowed to eat for breakfast, then again after lunch, then for an evening snack and then after dinner. Maybe at midnight too. We can justify all of this with wholegrains, honey, no oil, no butter, no added sugars aaaaaaaaand coconut whipped cream.


You guys, I am over the moon about this healthier version of shortcakes. Because not only are they exactly how you bid farewell to strawberries, they are also so delicious, you’ll almost think of going without an all-butter pie crust. Almost.


16 Mouthwatering Vegan Creation Shared By Our Friends-Bittersweet, completely addictive homemade peanut butter cups!


I did it. I found a way to keep a stash of chocolate in the fridge after giving away my stash of chocolate in the fridge. Basically, I reduced my guilt and then brought it right back because guilt reduction is overrated.

I present to you, barely sweetened (ergo, healthy), intensely dark, homemade peanut butter cups. They are so quick, so easy, so delicious, that all of your efforts to stop surrounding yourself with candy will go right out the window.

What's With Wheat Products

Lemon and Blueberry Drizzle Cake [vegan]

by Veronica

16 Mouthwatering Vegan Creation Shared By Our Friends

Hands up, who would put lemon drizzle cake up there as their all time favourite cake!? Yep, me too! I would say it’s a definite crowd pleaser, and you’ll have people scraping around for the last cake crumb when you make this.

I’ve used maple syrup, but feel free to use normal caster sugar if you’re not worried about that, and you could totally sub the spelt flour for all self-raising. The poppy seeds give it an additional flavour and crunch, but leave them out if you want.

Vegan pancakes with lemon and sugar

16 Mouthwatering Vegan Creation Shared By Our Friends

I love pancakes, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE pancake day. These vegan pancakes are so easy to make and you definitely don’t need any eggs to make them! Just make sure you’ve got your favourite plantbased milk and flour in the cupboard and you’re all set to get flipping.

Banana and Chocolate Bread [vegan]

16 Mouthwatering Vegan Creation Shared By Our Friends

Pretty much everyday I get hungry around 11am, depending on what I’ve had for breakfast. I always need some kind of mid-morning snack that’s going to keep me going until lunchtime and this banana and chocolate bread has currently won me over in the snackosphere.

Vegan Lentil Lasagna

16 Mouthwatering Vegan Creation Shared By Our Friends
For as long as I can remember Lasagna has been my favourite dish. I love a good vegetable lasagna packed full of whatever the season has to offer, but lentils provide this beauty more of a meaty texture. This dish is packed full of flavour, and a tofu topping means you don’t need to faff about with a bechamel and worry about lumpy sauce = win!

Easy ‘No Bake’ Breakfast Bars (Sugar free, Vegan)

16 Mouthwatering Vegan Creation Shared By Our Friends

Healthy snacks are a big thing for me. I am constantly trying to make snacks that are nutritious and wholesome and that will satisfy two growing kids. One of whom is a teenager!  The hunger pangs start as soon as they get home from school although I make it a point to pack a healthy lunch and a snack for them. So the pantry is constantly being raided. I make them a healthy fruit smoothie and then try to stock up on lots of fruits so that they can eat those first before loading up on the crackers, bread etc.  I bake most weekends so that I can create goodies with less sugar or even make them sugar free (by using honey or maple syrup). That way there is always a stock of something homemade and healthy for that huge mid-day hunger attack!

Apricot Coconut Balls (Vegan, Paleo)

16 Mouthwatering Vegan Creation Shared By Our Friends

I have been ‘refined sugar’ free for more than a year now and tell you what…I don’t miss it at all!  In fact I feel so awful that I was eating all that unnecessary refined sugar all these years.  Once you go completely sugar free you will start reaching out for the natural sugars as in fruits, dried fruits and other natural products like honey and maple syrup.  And the best thing is that the natural products do not give you a sugar rush plus they all provide beneficial nutrients to your body in addition to just sweetness.

Apple Beet Cucumber Multigrain Paratha (ABC Paratha) with homemade apple chutney

16 Mouthwatering Vegan Creation Shared By Our Friends

He He … ABC Paratha, isn’t that a fun name? Its an interesting story how this particular paratha was conceived in my kitchen. So you see, of late I have been juicing regularly using a variety of vegetables and fruits.  I would always feel upset about throwing away all the pulp since there is so much fiber (and also nutrients) left in the pulp after you juice.  At least my Breville juicer does not really compact my veggies and fruits and so I know there is still a lot of good stuff left in that pulp. What I would do is freeze the pulp and then put it in smoothies and soups.

Carrot Cake Smoothie

16 Mouthwatering Vegan Creation Shared By Our Friends

Since my recent post on smoothies, many folks have continued to ask me for ideas on different combinations of veggies and fruits that I use. And so I thought of creating a new post for every smoothie that turns out to be really spectacular!  When it comes to food (and drinks), I always love to experiment! That breaks up the monotony – of both – the task of cooking/making it as well as eating/drinking it!  So every morning as I slide into my kitchen and get the blender out, I mentally survey all the fresh fruits I have on hand and the ones in the freezer and go about trying new combinations. One thing I like to do is to pair fruits with similar colors together – this gives a great color impact.  And that’s what I decided to do the other morning. I have also decided to make it a point to add at least one vegetable to my morning smoothie so that it becomes extra nutritious!

Caribbean Chow/Chaat Style Salad

16 Mouthwatering Vegan Creation Shared By Our Friends

I think you can guess from the title of my post that I was struggling to come up with a proper name for this creation ? It started with me coming across a caribbean mango cucumber chow recipe on a recipe forum. My sensory buds tingled at the mention of mango. And with cilantro and lime thrown in? Wow, even more mouthwatering stuff.

Vegetable Korma – Navratan Style (Vegan, Paleo)

16 Mouthwatering Vegan Creation Shared By Our Friends
Navratan Korma is a rich, creamy and highly delectable dish of vegetables, fruit, nuts and paneer.  It is very rich since butter/ghee, heavy cream and cashew nut paste is used to make the gravy. A blend of different spices is used in this curry along with several garnishes like nuts, seeds and herbs like mint and cilantro.  ‘Navratan’  or ‘Navratna’ means nine jewels and this dish having originated during the Mughal regime really is befitting for a king.! The nine jewels stand for a combination of nine different vegetables, fruits and nuts.

Sweet Fried Plantains

16 Mouthwatering Vegan Creation Shared By Our Friends

Some will say plantains, bananas …what’s the difference? Well, both of them belong to the Banana family however there are some differences. Plantains are starchier, contain less sugar than bananas and are much more versatile as a cooking ingredient – you can make both savory and sweet dishes with them. Both Green plantains as well as ripe yellow plantains are used widely in south indian and south american cuisines . Unlike bananas, plantains are typically cooked before consumption.

Steamed Yucca Coconut Cake (Kappa Puttu)

16 Mouthwatering Vegan Creation Shared By Our Friends One of the reasons I find the Paleo diet not only ‘doable’ but in fact, enjoyable is due to the fact that it allows me to go back to my Keralan roots! And yes pun intended there. You see root vegetables are the only starches allowed in Paleo and in AIP (autoimmune protocol).  These root vegetables include sweet potatoes, yams, celeriac root, turnip root, horseradish root, yucca, plantains and taro root.  Sweet potatoes and yams I love love love.

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