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Don’t Make Pasta Without Reading This

Don’t make Pasta first read this and see the video

Make Pasta and do not worry if it is really vegan what you eat ?

We often heard that pasta makes fat ,here we can see it is not really true. It depends on the combination and what you eat with it. Sure Pasta mixed with fatty sauces can make fat ,but here you can read what is good to eat with your pasta to make sure not to get fat from it ,but keep your weight.

Good, news for pasta lovers. The video will show you how to make pasta the vegan way and it is not difficult . Everybody can try it and with a little bit of practice, is will be fun to prepare pasta without using a machine .

Our grandmas did it too and it does taste much better if it is homemade.

Read about Pasta and see the video and start to make Pasta at home.

Have fun !

Is pasta vegan?

Is pasta fattening and is it vegan? Find out now, we have some good news for you.

Love pasta? Well, there are some good news and interesting facts on this food for you here. Learn if pasta is vegan and if you can eat it and not gain extra pounds.

Is pasta vegan?

Good pasta is made out of two main ingredients: flour and eggs. Eggs are not strictly vegan, so the traditional pasta recipe may not suit you. However, eggs can be substituted with other things. It may contain water and some substitutes for eggs. Before you buy pasta, you better read the ingredient list to see, if it qualifies as a vegan product.

Is pasta fattening?

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how to make the easiest vegan pasta dough from scratch and form linguini or tagliatelle without a pasta machine.
i’ve been making this a lot lately. so much yummier than store bought pasta !
and this dough can also be used for tortellini and ravioli. imagine the possibilities ^^

homemade vegan pasta full recipe:
2 servings

300 ml organic wheat flour / all-purpose flour
75-100 ml water
1/2 tsp sea salt
a pinch of turmeric (for colour only, optional)
1 tsp olive oil
extra flour, for rolling
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