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Joined Veganuary? Here Are 14 Satisfying Vegan Dinner Recipes

14  Satisfying Vegan Dinner Recipes

Veganuary and here are 14 Vegan Dinner Recipes to join the movement. A lot of dedicated people signed in and joined Veganuary, this means going vegan for a month and try to eat only plant-based products.

Here you will find 14 Vegan Dinner Recipes, not only to use for Veganuary, you can use them all year long and enjoy this healthy and delicious meals. Full of nutrition, fiber, and vitamins made with ingredients full of protein like coconut, chickpeas and…

Get yourself and Vitamix blender or a good Food processor and it will be much easier and faster to prepare. Have a look, try them out maybe you want to join Veganuary. Watch the video’s on page 3

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Veganuary is in full swing, with over 20,000 people now signed up to go vegan – that means to avoid eating and drinking animal products – for the rest of the month.

Over 2,000 signed up on the 3 January alone.

Satisfying Vegan Dinner Recipes

Coconut Chickpea Curry with Brown Basmati Rice (serves 4)

Spicy and packed full of goodness

Minestrone Soup

This recipe for vegetarian minestrone soup is delicious and is packed full of vegetables. It’s really versatile and you can change the vegetables listed below for pretty much anything you have available Now, this is, of course, a challenging soup to serve up to two kids who claim not to like any vegetables and of course they weren’t very impressed when they saw it on the table.

Dal Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

My point is that lentil stew or dal, as it is called in India, has always been one of our favorite comfort foods and we just haven’t posted it enough here on the blog.

Discover What You Can Make With A Vitamix

vegan sweet potato and lentil shepherd’s pie


I’m partial to shepherd’s pie. I think it dates back to childhood; my mom and I didn’t eat too many casseroles or bakes when I was growing up, but she was a great fan of shepherd’s pie, and so it was her meal of choice for special occasions or weekend meals. I inherited her love for the dish, though the shepherd’s pie we ate when I was little was very different from the vegan sweet potato and lentil shepherd’s pie that I’m sharing today!

Classic ratatouille from Jamie Oliver

Simple and delicious

Classic ratatouille

Spaghetti all’agliat (a spicy chilli and garlic recipe inspired by my Italian adventure)


My love for pasta started at a young age, but spending a week in May touring Italy with Italian canned tomato producer, Cirio gave me a new appreciation of what real Italian food looks and tastes like, and reignited my passion for pasta. If you haven’t already, please do read about my stops in Venice, Tuscany, Rome and Naples

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