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Savory & Sweet Vegan Recipes From 3 Continents

Savory & sweet vegan recipes a selection from 3 continents

Savory & sweet vegan recipes from Europe ,Australia and Asia. 4 of them come from our two award winning sisters in the UK. Courgette Fritters, Basil Pesto Carrot Gnocchi, a tasty and easy Beetroot Garlic Houmous ,and a delicious Blueberry and Nectarine upside down cake.

These recipes are proven delicious and healthy all made with locally and partly homegrown ingredients. From Australia we have some Samosa inspired Veggie Patties and a tasty Tomato soup with Garlic Cashew Cream.A

nd finally from India Thai style Sticky Coconut Rice with Mango and Thai Style Tofu,Pineapple and Vegetable Rice. A selection of Savory & sweet  vegan recipes from 3 continents.

Try them all and enjoy the variety of these savory & sweet vegan recipes !

Savory & Sweet Vegan Recipes From 3 Continents

Roasted Beetroot and Garlic Houmous

Savory & Sweet Vegan Recipes From 3 Continents DSC_0740
A super speedy recipe to liven up your houmous. You can’t beet some roasted beetroot AND garlic, and this makes a really sweet flavour combination. Forget your pickled beetroot THIS is where you can truly appreciate the awesomeness of beetroot.
<Recipe here

Basil Pesto Carrot Gnocchi [vegan and gluten-free]

Savory & Sweet Vegan Recipes From 3 Continents-Pesto gnocchi

This basil pesto carrot gnocchi may just be my favourite thing EVER! I mean, I’m not going to lie, this is not a weekday dinner – making your own gnocchi is a faff that’s for sure. This is definitely more of a weekend meal, one to take your time and not stress over. I promise, it is worth the effort though, for sure!But, this delicious pesto you could make any day of the week. Mix it through some pasta for a quick simple weekday dinner, or stir it through some courgette ribbons and add it to your lunchtime salad. You’ll never want to buy another jar of pesto once you’ve made your own! Recipe here

Blueberry and Nectarine Upside Down Cake [vegan]

Savory & Sweet Vegan Recipes From 3 Continents-Blueberry_and_nectarine_upside_down_cake_vegan

I’m not sure if this is best described as a cake, it is probably more of a pudding. Whether you’ve got peaches or nectarines to hand, this tasty upside down cake is so fruity, plus the lemon zest gives the sponge an extra zing! I think it is definitely best eaten whilst warm from the oven, but you can always add some custard to warm a cold slice up.We are in the midst of the british blueberry season, so make sure you grab a couple of punnets and stock up your freezers.Recipes here

Courgette Fritters with Thai Peanut Sauce [vegan and gluten-free]

Savory & Sweet Vegan Recipes From 3 Continents-vegan courgette fritters

I promise I’m not lying when I say these courgette fritters may just be my best creation so far! When I had my allotment my kitchen was overrun with courgettes. It turned out planting five courgette plants meant you had about 50 courgettes to consume, and if you didn’t tend to your plants regularly they would look more like marrows. So, 50 marrow sized courgettes meant we were eating a heck of a lot of the vegetable! Recipe here