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Tasteful Vegan Recipe Collection To Have Fun In The Kitchen

A Vegan Recipe Collection you will enjoy

This tasteful vegan recipe collection is shared by Amy from Wrapped in Newspaper one of the award winning sister. We had the tasteful creation of them shared before and everybody loved them. Discover the new recipes for a delicious addition to your menu. The recipes are proven to be delicious as you can read in Amy’s descriptions and stories. She loves to experiment and create recipes with seasonal vegetables, herbs, and fruits. Look at the beautiful images, they make the mouth water. the first two recipes are with Asparagus.

Good is to buy asparagus directly from the producer, as the vegetables should never be prepared later than one or two days after the harvest. Only then its healthy effect can it fully unfold. Asparagus is only peeled when its skin is thick and hard. There are, however, varieties with delicate skin that do not need to be peeled. Asparagus is healthy and low-calorie and is enjoyed because of its incomparable flavor. Try and enjoy the recipes. You will love the Raw Rainbow Cake on page two for the coming season.


Tasteful Vegan Recipe Collection To Have Fun In The Kitchen

Lemon Artichoke Hearts and Asparagus

Tasteful Vegan Recipe Collection To Have Fun In The Kitchen

This would make a great side dish, perhaps to a risotto or a pie of some sort, your side veggies definitely don’t just have to be boiled!


Tasteful Vegan Recipe Collection To Have Fun In The Kitchen-Vegan Pad Thai

This Vegan Pad Thai is so quick and easy, you’ll definitely want to add this one to your weekday evening meal repertoire – trust me

Pasta alla Trapanese [vegan]

Tasteful Vegan Recipe Collection To Have Fun In The Kitchen-Pasta alla Trapanese

A couple of years ago my boyfriend and I went on holiday travelling around Italy for a couple of weeks – it was pretty awesome. We went to Rome, Naples, Sorrento and then took a night ferry over to Sicily. I ate A LOT of pizza and serious amounts of tomato pasta, there wasn’t too many vegan options, but it didn’t matter because pizza and pasta are fine by me! When we got to Sicily, their specialty took a seriously good turn – Pasta alla Trapanese. It’s basically tomato almond pesto and tastes so good.

Roasted herby vegan potato salad

Tasteful Vegan Recipe Collection To Have Fun In The Kitchen

Roasting the potatoes makes this salad a little more special rather than your ordinary boiled type, and with all the herbs used there is no danger of this not tasting absolutely delicious.

If you’ve got a barbeque planned over the summer, why not make this vegan potato salad to serve alongside these tasty Beetroot and Black Bean Burgers?

Changing Habits Cacao Quick Hunger Fix

Changing Habits Cacao Quick Hunger Fix  Organic, nutritious, real food for busy people.

Cashew and Sesame Purple Sprouting Broccoli [vegan]

Tasteful Vegan Recipe Collection To Have Fun In The Kitchen

There is more to vegetables than simply boiling them! Don’t get me wrong, boiled veg has it’s place on a plate sometimes, but this Cashew and Sesame Purple Sprouting Broccoli is one of those dishes that showcases just how an ordinary vegetable can become the star of the show. This makes an ideal side dish or serve with noodles and eat as a main meal.

Aubergine and Pomegranate Salad [vegan]

Tasteful Vegan Recipe Collection To Have Fun In The Kitchen

When aubergine is roasted to perfection, it melts in your mouth, not cooked enough and we all know the rubbery crunchy texture you have to endure, thinking if only we’d been a little more patient! Throw in some pomegranate to a mouthful of well-cooked aubergine and you’ve got yourself a pretty darn good mouthful of food!

Chocolate Brownies {vegan and gluten-free}

Tasteful Vegan Recipe Collection To Have Fun In The Kitchen-vegan chocolate brownies

These brownies are so good. I like my brownies to be the perfect amount of gooey with a crisp/crunchy top, and these deliver my requirements. If you prefer more of a cakey texture keep these in for twenty minutes, if not, fifteen minutes and you’ll have your brownie of dreams.

Raw Vegan Rainbow Ice Cream Cake


Think you’re not up to the challenge? Fear not, this dessert is so easy to make, even a beginner to raw vegan desserts could do it. The only special equipment you need is a springform pan and a food processor or high-speed blender. You do have to wait for the ice cream to freeze between layers. It takes time to build a masterpiece