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Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes To Celebrate The Holidays

 Here are Vegan Christmas dinner recipes for you to celebrate

Not only one, but there is also even more Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes here for you. A Chestnut Stuffed Squash, Creamy Leek & Potato Soup with Polenta & Walnut Croutons and Vegan Peanut & Ginger Cookies a menu for a whole Christmas day.

All the recipes you can prepare as they are very nice and delicious, it will be a delight for the whole Family and nobody will miss the meat.

Special is the chestnut stuffing, it is not something we eat every day, this makes it even more unique for the event and there are two recipes were you can use chestnuts. The soup with the Polenta & Walnut croutons is tasty, creamy and the croutons crunchy, what a delight.

Not to forget the Peanut & Ginger cookies. Make your list and get ready for a beautiful Christmas dinner.

Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes To Celebrate The Holidays

Vegan Christmas Dinner // Mushroom & Chestnut Wellington

On Christmas day we’ll be serving this up with all the classics, roasted veggies, and potatoes, Brussel sprouts, braised red cabbage, and stuffing. And why not bring the whole thing together with red wine and onion gravy!

Basically, you can have this delicious vegan wellington anyway you like, just be sure to have yourself a wonderful Christmas day!



Just a quick note to say that this is actually a super easy recipe! The hardest part will be peeling those chestnuts so do them in advance and you’ll have no trouble at all whipping this up on Christmas day! Get the instructions here

Chestnut Stuffed Squash


Get instructions here Chestnut Stuffed Squash

Creamy Leek & Potato Soup with Polenta & Walnut Croutons

There’s nothing like soup on these chilly autumn days to warm you up and it only takes a little bit of effort to go from a basic soup to amazingly delicious, this is the best soup ever, soup.


This summer I went on an amazing and inspiring vegan permaculture course. I met some really amazing people and got introduced to some great, practical and positive ideas to create a regenerative, cruelty-free landscape and abundant future. (If you’re intrigued to know more next years course is now open for bookings.) One of the other amazing things about the course was the food, especially the soups. I had previously thought I made pretty tasty soups but these put mine to shame. So I decided it was time I upped my soup game!


Recently I’ve been getting tonnes of leeks in my veg bag and having helped myself to a field of left over potatoes that were “too small” for the farmer to harvest, leek and potato soup was just calling out to be made.

But how to up my soup game? Creamy cashew goodness complemented by crispy polenta croutons of course!

Get the instructions here Creamy Leek & Potato Soup with Polenta & Walnut Croutons


Vegan Peanut & Ginger Cookies

vegan cookies

Find the instructions here Vegan peanut and ginger cookies


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Have a Merry Vegan Christmas!